Davido Displays Arrogance and Immaturity - Daniel Regha

Davido Displays Arrogance and Immaturity - Daniel Regha

Nigerian social media influencer Daniel Regha used his Twitter platform to say that Davido lacks the authority to confiscate $94,000 intended for a performance.

This controversy originated when the former NFF boss publicly claimed that Davido failed to fulfil an invitation, despite receiving a substantial payment, including travel expenses.

According to Daniel Regha, he conveyed to Davido that any dispute between him and the former Nigerian Football Association boss should remain personal and not impact their business dealings.

Furthermore, he emphasized that Davido was aware of the ex-NFF president’s alleged corruption but still chose to engage in business with him. He said, “Besides, since he knew the man is corrupt why associate with him in the first place?”.

However, an ongoing conflict has arisen between the former NFF president and the Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Davido.

This dispute emerged when the ex-NFF president disclosed that he had disbursed $94,600 and covered visa expenses for Davido, only for the singer to disregard the invitation.

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Recently, Davido expressed on his Twitter account that no one would prevent him from performing in Nigeria.

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