Driver Kills 5 in Lagos While Evading LASTMA Arrest

Driver Kills 5 in Lagos While Evading LASTMA Arrest

On Tuesday, an as-yet-unidentified driver tragically claimed the lives of at least five individuals in Lagos while attempting to escape apprehension by the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

The incident occurred in Ago, Okota, Lagos. According to reports, there was a confrontation involving LASTMA officials who were attempting to gain control of the steering of a Toyota Sienna at Okota Roundabout. Unfortunately, this led to a collision with a Keke Napep vehicle, resulting in the tragic loss of five lives, including a pregnant woman and her two children.

Allegedly, the official LASTMA personnel claimed that the driver had violated traffic rules, leading to the struggle over the steering wheel. They asserted that the unfortunate incident occurred on Bayo Oyeale Street, claiming the lives mentioned earlier.

In response to this incident, a large protest erupted, allowing an angry mob to target the LASTMA official. Thankfully, the Nigerian police force intervened and prevented the official from being subjected to mob violence.

Furthermore, the enraged mob blocked the street as an expression of their anger. It has been confirmed that the police have since cleared all the road barricades that were set up during the protest.

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