I am Not Responsible For Mohbad's Death, Says Naira Marley

I am Not Responsible For Mohbad's Death, Says Naira Marley

Naira Marley, the Nigerian singer and proprietor of Marlian Records, has broken his silence from an undisclosed location regarding the unfortunate demise of Mohbad.

Mohbad, a Nigerian rapper who tragically passed away on September 12, 2023, has sparked considerable controversy among music enthusiasts and the Nigerian public surrounding the circumstances of his death.

Speculations have arisen among his fans, who allege Naira Marley, the head of Marlian Records, is the primary suspect, prompting calls for his arrest and prosecution by the Nigerian authorities.

It is worth recalling that Mohbad was once a member of Marlian Records and had been involved in several tumultuous incidents with fellow Marlian associates. He even took to social media, posting videos in which he hinted that if anything were to happen to him, Naira Marley should be held accountable.

In the wake of Mohbad’s tragic passing, these videos and audio recordings concerning his contentious interactions with Naira Marley have circulated widely on social media platforms, intensifying the suspicions directed at Naira Marley and his associate, Sam Larry.

Nonetheless, the purported speculation by those seeking justice has prompted Naira Marley to prolong his stay outside the country.

Naira Marley has recently issued a statement to clarify his stance to the public regarding his non-involvement in the tragic passing of his former record label member, Mohbad. He also aims to dispel the misconceptions that have arisen, refuting the characterization of Marlian Records as a drug cartel.

He firmly asserts that he has never engaged in any form of aggression, intimidation, or instigation of harm towards Mohbad, emphasizing that his record label is not involved in any criminal activities.

Furthermore, Naira Marley underscores that there is a widespread misunderstanding, even among family members, regarding his alleged intentions to cause harm to Mohbad, directly or indirectly.

He vehemently maintains that an individual with a personal vendetta against him is responsible for Mohbad’s demise and is actively attempting to tarnish his reputation.

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His statement unequivocally conveys his collaboration with the Nigerian police command to ensure that Mohbad receives justice and that those responsible face prosecution.

Furthermore, Naira Marley reassured the public that he would be cleared of all allegations once the actual culprits were apprehended.


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