Identity Crisis: Peter Obi Seeks Publicity & Cheap Media Attention - Reuben Abati

Identity Crisis: Peter Obi Seeks Publicity & Cheap Media Attention - Reuben Abati

Arise Television anchor, Dr Reuben Abati said that Mr Peter Obi is seeking publicity and cheap media attention during the Morning Arise Show with Rufai Oseni and Ayo Mairo-Ese.

On Wednesday, 2023, Peter Obi had a World Press conference in Abuja where he told Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to reintroduce himself to the nation, adding that his certificate issue has worsened Nigerian reputation globally.

However, Dr. Abati was highly critical of the World Conference, deeming it both pointless and ineffective.”

He said, “When I saw the press conference by Mr Peter Obi yesterday, I thought it was needless if Mr Peter Obi is considering a career in evangelism there are many people that have gone from many careers into evangelism, within the framework of the electoral process what he did yesterday was just in my view seeking media attention, looking publicity”.

Dr Reuben Abati narrated that Mr Peter Obi should go to the Supreme Court if he has any grievances, and noted that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar pursued his matter in the court of law.

Abati further stressed that when Atiku Abubakar requested the New Nigeria Peoples Party NNPP presidential candidate, Rabiu Kwakwanso and the Labour Party (LP) to join him during his press conference, he noted that the Labour Party released a statement saying that they were not part of it.

He continued to state that whether Peter Obi changed his mind after Atiku Abubakr’s press conference that the only place he can seek justice is at the court.

Reuben Abati added that the only place to solve the Tinubu identity crisis is through the Supreme Court, not through media attention or propaganda. He stated that Felix Muoka an APC member has done well in replying to Mr Peter Obia after his press conference.

Abati finally warned Peter Obi to tread carefully noting that it is only the Supreme Court has the right to decide presidential cases.

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