Israel: Stop Destroying Mosques, Nigerian Social Media Influencer cries Out

Israel: Stop Destroying Mosques, Nigerian Social Media Influencer cries Out

The ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel has prompted Nigerian media influencer Reno Omokri to urge both nations to refrain from damaging places of worship. He emphasized the importance of finding alternative ways to handle mosques during times of war. These alternatives could involve safeguarding these sacred sites and using them as locations for negotiations or converting them into charitable institutions.

Omokri underlined that targeting mosques as collateral damage would not only enrage the Muslim Ummah but also non-Muslims, perpetuating the cycle of conflict. He called for a more compassionate and strategic approach to prevent further escalation and foster peace in the region.

He said, “Target any belligerent going in or out. But to target a mosque as part of collateral damage will outrage the Muslim Ummah and non-Muslim lovers of peaceful religious coexistence and create the atmosphere for recruiting people ready to continue the struggle”.

Reno Omokri also pointed out that the United States of America employed precision-guided smart bombs to target military assets while ensuring that mosques near military bases remained undamaged. He emphasized his stance as a humanist, expressing his support for humanity as a whole, rather than any specific religion. Omokri stated that God’s love extends to all of humanity, transcending religious boundaries.

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However, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has resulted in extensive damage, leading to the loss of hundreds of lives and numerous casualties. Nations worldwide are responding to the conflict, urging both sides to de-escalate and prioritize the pursuit of peace.

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