Sam Amadi

Sam Amadi

Sam Amadi who is a Nigerian legal scholar and former Director-General of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) advised the federal government to scrap Law school in Nigeria. Sam Amadi disclosed this information at the 2023 Endowment Launch of the Igbo Apprenticeship Scheme under the canopy of Otu OkaIwu in Abuja.

He said the law school is failing, we need to rethink the whole framework of Nigeria, It is no longer serving its purpose. The law school is designed to provide technical practical education.

The former boss of NERC said that Nigerian lawyers who do not practice should proceed to journalism, broadcasting and also teach in the university, urging legal schools to strengthen their scope for lawyers for them to have broad analytical competency.

Amadi stressed that United States legal education offers quick exams for lawyers who finish their legal studies to start practising. The former NERC boss advised Nigerians to license universities to take three to six months of special courses for a law student to qualify.

He said, “In the United States, when you finish your legal education in the university, you do a quick exam for call as a lawyer. Here, we can license our universities to take three to six months of special rush courses for our law students to qualify to practice. After that, they go to the chambers where they learn real practice. The only way one can get pupillage is in a law firm.

He urged the Nigerian universities to offer robust academic training for law students and advised the students to further their training to corporate law firms for exposure and experience.
Sam Amadi played a pivotal role in reforming Nigeria’s electricity sector, implementing policies to improve access to electricity and promote transparency in the industry during his tenure as NERC boss.

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