La Liga: "I Pressured Jude Bellingham to Join Real Madrid", Says Vinicius Jnr

La Liga: "I Pressured Jude Bellingham to Join Real Madrid", Says Vinicius Jnr

Brazilian national team player and forward for Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr., disclosed that he exerted significant pressure on Jude Bellingham to join Real Madrid. Vinicius admitted that he sent daily text messages to Bellingham, relentlessly urging him to become a part of the club.

He said, “I wanted Jude at Real Madrid! I sent many messages to Bellingham last year”. “I was texting almost every day and I was telling him: come to Madrid,”.

Recall, that on June 14, 2023, Real Madrid officially announced the signing of Jude Bellingham, securing his talents under a six-year contract. The transfer agreement entails a base fee of €103 million payable to Borussia Dortmund, with potential add-ons that could elevate the total sum to €133.9 million, constituting a 30% increase over the fixed amount.

Jude Bellingham, in his own words, expressed his profound respect for Real Madrid, revealing his pride upon being presented with the coveted jersey number 5—a gesture he sees as a mark of respect for the legendary Zinedine Zidane.

Bellingham swiftly established himself as a pivotal player in the Real Madrid squad, making an impactful debut in Los Angeles against AC Milan. He also left his mark by scoring his maiden goal during the Real Madrid vs. Manchester United match, earning accolades from Madridistas for his outstanding performance.

Following a memorable Champions League encounter against Napoli, where he netted an extraordinary goal, Bellingham shared his admiration for Vinicius Jr., hailing him as possibly one of the best and most gifted players he has ever had the privilege to play alongside.

The 20-year-old English sensation, Jude Bellingham, radiates confidence as he continues to excel on the pitch, giving credit to his teammates and the club’s staff for their unwavering support.

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