Peter Obi Not Better than 'Happie Boys', Says Reno Omokri

Peter Obi Not Better than 'Happie Boys', Says Reno Omokri

Nigerian social media influencer and PDP chieftain Reno Omokri raised insightful perspectives on marriage, the depth of connection between a man and woman, the long-lasting relationship, compatibility, and building a great foundation of love, mutual understanding and respect.

He continues to state that marriage is not based on beauty alone, it is hard to differentiate women’s character based on beauty, only by knowing them. His theory explains that men need only love from women not just about sex because their mothers nourished them with pure love and their wives will nourish them till death.

Reno Omokri tweeted, No matter how beautiful a girl is, never marry based on sight alone. It is impossible to distinguish between a glass of stout and a glass of malt. Only by tasting what is in the glasses can you know which is bitter and which is sweet.

Know her before you marry her. From birth to death, what you need from women is love, not sex. Your mother nourished you with love. That is why you thrived into adulthood. Now you are an adult, you need a wife who will nourish you with love if you want to thrive into old age.


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