Nigeria Is Not Poor, We Have Heartless Politicians, Says Inibehe Effiong

Nigeria Is Not Poor, We Have Heartless Politicians, Says Inibehe Effiong

Nigerian legal expert Inibehe Effiong has stated that Nigeria is not afflicted by poverty but rather plagued by corrupt politicians. This statement follows the release of a confidential document by Nigerian investigative journalist PIDOMNIGERIA on X platform which disclosed that the president and his delegation incurred expenses totalling $507,000 during the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

The journalist wrote, “They consumed $507,000, US dollars of Taxpayers money in just 7 days. A naira equivalent of approximately 507,000,000 million naira in just 7 days. But Nigeria is broke, Nigeria is broke. Citizens should tighten their belts. Citizens should sacrifice for the country”.

According to Nigerian attorney Inibehe Effiong, he said that Nigeria is not in a state of poverty, citing the evidence presented by an anonymous investigative journalist PIDOMNIGERIA.

He wrote on his X’s official account, “Almost $500,000 spent for hotels and other extravagant purposes for Nigeria to be represented at the recent United Nations General Assembly Meeting in New York. This says a lot about the claims that Nigeria is broke and that citizens need to endure and suffer. Nigeria is not poor, we have a spending problem. We have a kleptomaniac and heartless political class”.

Nigerians are also responding to rumours of extravagant spending by Tinubu’s administration, which the Nigerian government has not yet confirmed to be accurate. Their reactions are primarily based on the information provided by the anonymous journalist.

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