Nigerian popular singer Skales has accused officials from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of conducting a raid on his residence at 4 am in the morning.

The singer emphasized that the EFCC forcibly entered his premises, and he further stated that the operatives issued threats of theft if he did not comply with them.

He wrote, “Now one of them whose name is Femi called me threatening that he can rope me into something because of my outburst on social media. An outburst caused by the unprofessional manner in which they gained entry into my home at 4 am, while I had my 6-month-old child & her mum sleeping”.

He said that the EFCC claimed they found something incriminating on the phones of his associates who came to his residence to record songs and the other artists he is shaping his music career.

“Meaning they did not find “anything” illegal on myself and the remaining others which is my daughter, Dj Spicey and my daughter and her nannies Which is why we were not arrested” he stated.

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Skales said that the time for his lawyer to step him has reached because he didn’t believe that such a thing could happen to him, he added that he faces trauma and emotional damage from what happened to him.

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