Peter Obi needs MC Olumo to Win Election, Says OdumoduBlvck

Peter Obi needs MC Olumo to Win Election, Says OdumoduBlvck

Nigerian rapper OdumoduBlvck, known for his hit “Declan Rice,” emphasized the significance of MC Olumo in Peter Obi’s political journey.

He asserted that Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, requires the support of Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as MC Olumo, to secure victory in the presidential election.

MC Olumo, a prominent figure in Lagos and a transport union leader, found himself amidst controversy in OdumoduBlvck’s new song.

He also dismissed allegations that his song, titled “MC Olumo,” was not exclusively about MC Olumo, clarifying that people were wrongly criticizing him for the track.

“They started insulting me that I’m singing for MC Oluomo. MC Oluomo is not about MC Oluomo” he said.

He further stressed that he always participates in politics not just about entertainment, adding that he supported Peter Obi during his presidential campaign.

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He stated, “I was on the other side of politics; I supported Peter Obi. But, if Peter Obi had an MC Oluomo, we would have had a chance.

Odumomublvck elucidated the concept of power acquisition in life and the prerequisites for attaining it.

“Power is not given, it is taken. Whatever you’re doing in your life have MC Oluomo in you.” He added.

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