Premier League: Jadon Sancho Deactivates His Instagram Account

Premier League: Jadon Sancho Deactivates His Instagram Account

Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho’s situation has taken a concerning turn with the deactivation of his Instagram account. The ongoing controversy involving his manager, Erik Ten Hag, has raised significant questions about Sancho’s future at the club.

Notably, Sancho recently made an emotional outburst comment following Arsenal’s resounding victory over Manchester United. This prompted Erik Ten Hag to make critical remarks about his club squad, particularly focusing on Sancho’s performance.

Sancho found the comments unfavourable, prompting him to share his thoughts on his official social media account. He stated, “Please don’t believe everything you read! I will not allow people saying things that is completely untrue. I have conducted myself in training very well this week,”

Following the outburst on social media, the club’s management suspended him from training with the team, without specifying the duration of the suspension.

The statement reads, “Jadon Sancho will remain on a personal training programme away from the first-team group — pending resolution of a squad discipline issue”, the club reports.

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As reported by ESPN, a teammate of Jadon Sancho has encouraged him to extend an apology to Erik ten Hag to mend the ongoing rift between them. It’s worth noting that as of now, no apology has been made, and the club has not lifted the training ban imposed on him. Consequently, the timeline for Jadon Sancho’s return to the club’s main squad remains uncertain, adding to the unfolding drama surrounding the situation.


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