Zamfara University: Nigerian Military Rescued 6 Abducted Student From Bandits

Zamfara University: Nigerian Military Rescued 6 Abducted Student From Bandits

The Nigerian military has achieved a significant breakthrough by rescuing six students who were victims of a recent attack by bandits on a university hostel in the Sabon-Gida community, situated within the Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

Recall that a group of bandits launched an assault on Federal University students in the Sabon-Gida community leading to the abduction of numerous students from a private hostel.

According to information obtained from Eon’s intelligence, the exact number of Zamfara federal students who were abducted by the bandits remains unspecified. However, the Nigerian military is actively engaged in ongoing search and rescue efforts

Speculation circulating on social media suggested that the bandits primarily targeted female students, raiding their hostels and abducting over 20 female students.

A student by the name of Mubarak informed Icirnigeria org, he said, “I heard that they kidnapped 25 girls, and some are in 300 levels and 200 levels studying Biology Education. I don’t know the department of others yet.”

“Students used to live in two places off campus – Sabon-Gida and Damba – before. But they said Damba wasn’t secure, and people asked us to go to Sabon-Gida, which we did. Now, they have entered Sabon-Gida and abducted 25 girls. The last time they kidnapped people in Damba, it was four. Before, the highest they would take away was two or three, and the last was five. Now it’s 25,”

The student further disclosed that the Nigerian military successfully rescued six girls following a fierce gun battle with the bandits.

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Mubarak said the bandits had warned that they would attack some of the hostels and kidnap 100 students in the past. “They vowed that they would abduct 100, kill 30, and the government would pay ransoms for 70. “Now they have started their mission and went with 24, they are still coming back to abduct the remaining 76 if care is not taken,” he added.

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